The first guitar is interesting for both a child and an adult: extracting sounds from it and turning them into songs is a delightful pleasure! The sheer selection of guitars can be confusing for a beginner. Various materials, body shapes, additional functions significantly affect the price. But which of these is really important? How to choose a guitar for beginners and get it right? How to distinguish a quality instrument and choose a guitar with a good sound? How to choose the size and is the guitar for beginner children, teenagers 10-12 years old, different from the adult version? And if as a gift? We have analyzed all the frequently asked questions about which guitar is the best for beginners, and collected the answers to them in this detailed article.

How to choose a guitar for a beginner

So, you buy your first guitar. Learning a musical instrument is primarily practiced for fun. It is incredibly pleasant to extract harmonious sounds, turn them into whole songs. Nothing motivates a beginner to learn more like a well-played favorite composition. Therefore, remember: a guitar for beginners needs decent quality.

One of the most common mistakes when buying your first tool is choosing the cheapest one.

The buyer explains his choice by the fact that he is not yet sure that the training will develop and will be continued in full. By making this decision, you are likely to doom yourself to failure. Cheap guitars, like other musical instruments, are usually of poor quality, which means that playing them is not a pleasant pleasure.

It will be difficult to get a stable tuning of the strings, as well as difficult to learn chords because the distance from the strings to the neck of these guitars is usually very large. Learning on such instruments, you simply discourage yourself from all the desire to study. You will not understand why nothing is working and learning is not progressing. It may even seem that you simply do not have the ability or you are not working hard enough. In fact, the problem is a poor-quality instrument, which would be difficult even for a professional to play well. Now, do you understand how responsible it is to choose a guitar for a beginner?

The guitar should please with its sound and playability. When a future musician still cannot figure out which of the guitars is more comfortable for him, he should focus on the products of well-known manufacturers. The guitars of famous brands are made of quality materials, pre-sales training, and guarantee a comfortable learning experience.

Acoustic guitar, classical, or electric guitar?

There are several types of guitars – classical, acoustic, and electric. Each of them has its own characteristics, but the tuning, fingering of chords, and the principle of sound production are the same for all. If you are faced with the question of which guitar to choose for a beginner, then it is better to take the traditional one.

Experts recommend starting training with the classical guitar. It has soft nylon strings, a wider neck, and a soft and round sound. These guitars are used to perform classical works, as well as jazz and flamenco music. They are required to be acquired by the teachers of the music school. It will be convenient for a beginner to learn the fingering of chords: the soft strings are easy to grip, and the large distance between them will not allow fingers to get tangled when changing chords quickly.

Guitar for a beginner

Don’t confuse a classical guitar with an acoustic one. Metal strings are installed on an acoustic instrument, the body of the guitar is large, which causes its loud sound. The neck width is much narrower than that of the classic. For some people, this is a plus, because playing a barre chord (a chord in which one of your fingers completely grips all the strings of the guitar) is much easier. However, metal strings dig into unaccustomed skin, causing severe pain. Guitars with nylon strings lack this disadvantage.

Don’t confuse classics with acoustics

Either way, be prepared for calluses. But keep in mind that the pain from pinching the strings will only appear in the first month, then your body will adapt, the skin on the fingertips will become stronger, and you will no longer feel any discomfort.

How to choose a guitar for an adult

The choice of guitar for adult beginners doesn’t depend on your gender. However, some features of the build may play a role. The existing sizes of guitars are for the convenience of children. An adult should choose a 4/4 guitar size, which naturally suits any man. However, fragile girls can choose a teenage size – 7/8.

Sometimes beauty can get in the way of choosing a guitar for beginner girls: too long nails prevent you from properly clamping the strings.

Usually, a guitar is chosen for its convenience, sound, materials, and appearance. As we said earlier, try to purchase tools from well-known brands that guarantee high-quality products.

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